Where has that been?

 eyeGross! Stick this in your file of ‘things we shouldn’t have to tell you’ and note it! 

I’ve witnessed people doing strange things with their eye contacts…by strange I mean sticking it in their mouth to moisten it and putting it back in their eye! I’ve seen my friends do this – yes, even medical students! When we do things like this as a future health professional, not only is it hygienically unwise but it’s sending our patients the wrong message. If we, as educated medical students, are careless about our health, how would our patients value our expertise?

I’ve done a lot of unwise things as a kid out of ignorance. I remember when color contacts first came out, my friends and I would share them whether they fit us or not because it was cool. Now, that was when I was 14 years old so I didn’t know any better. It’s actually very disgusting to share contacts with anyone else and it can harm your only two eyes that you own. So don’t do it!

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