Good Eats: El Salvador

For our pre-departure meeting, our global health group met at El Salvador Del Mundo, 2901 6th Ave. in Des Moines. And if this is what I have to anticipate to eat when I’m in El Salvador during spring break, then I am all in!

The price is just right and the food was so delicious. I had the carne asada plate and strangely enough, the beans were my favorite part of the dish. I mean, if the beans are great, that really shows that the owner of the restaurant cares about everything she serves even if it’s just a side dish. I also really liked the fried yellow starch thing (not the plantains) that tastes almost exactly like a huge french fry. I was really happy with the pupusa I stole from my fiance’s plate too. It wasn’t anything like the pupusa I got from the World Market Food Festival (both are yummy).

I would definitely make the trip out to El Salvador Del Mundo again for some authentic El Salvadorian food, or just for good eats. Total bill: no more than $11 for a totally satisfied woman.

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