Benefit for transplant patient

Having an organ transplant is scary.
Donating an organ is scary.
Donating an organ for your own son’s transplant must be dreadfully frightening.

It’s also expensive. And for that reason, and to show our support, my husband & I will be at the “Transplant for Trae” benefit on Saturday. 

Trae is only 17 months old. He was born with a very rare disease. His dad Travis will be donating his own kidney to Trae this month in hopes it will prevent kidney failure and other serious complications down the road.

Travis works with my husband and I know he and his wife Emily would be grateful for your support. They’ve been through so much and it’ll be a long road ahead.

Please check out their story in the Register or Juice & consider attending the fundraiser. It’s a great way to show support for an Iowa family in a difficult time. The deadline for tickets is Friday and it’s only $20 which includes a ticket to see the Iowa Chops.

Iowans are awesome at pitching in to help each other and I know that’s what will happen Saturday. Cya there!

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