Research spotlight: Kathy Mercuris

Dr. Kathy Mercuris is an Associate Professor at Des Moines University in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

Research Projects

  • Research Focus

    My primary research is on changes in balance and gait following a CVA (stroke). I have been investigating the relationship measurements of balance and gait as they are performed by therapists in the clinic to objective information from a 3-D computerized camera system in the Human Performance Lab at DMU. Another similar line of research is the impact of activity on balance on individuals living in the community or following a CVA.

  • Funding

    I have had grants money from the Iowa Department of Education for ‘Interdisciplinary Professional Preparation and Practicum’. Development of a pilot interdisciplinary course at DMU on diversity, team building and communication. The course included a visit to a family with child with a disability. The grant terminated with a completed course syllabus and resource library. The Iowa Osteopathic Education and Research fund has been used for a research project examining the bone mineral density, balance, and activity levels of community dwelling elderly.


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