Losing weight in a healthy way!

The Des Moines Register had a great piece yesterday, Losing Weight: How they did it, about 3 local women who changed their diet & exercise plans to lose weight/live healthier. 

Dr. Melita Schuster from the DMU Clinic offered up some tips for the article. She suggested cutting all pop, drinking more water, cutting foods with partially hydrogenated oils and adding resistance training to your schedule.

One of the best parts about the piece is one of the women featured is DMU’s own Nikki Hook! Nikki works in the COM dean’s office and has lost 59 pounds through Weight Watchers and use of the DMU Wellness Center. She makes great use of the Wellne$$ Pay$ program offered to DMU employees and she’s worked her tail off.  

If you’re looking for inspiration to modify your lifestyle, check out the article!

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