Research spotlight: Simon Geletta

Simon Geletta, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at Des Moines University in the public health program teaching health care research and statistics courses.

He is trained as a sociologist with a special emphasis in demography and population studies. He attended graduate school at the University of Missouri – Columbia campus. His research there mainly focused on the measurement of industry structure of localities, community wellbeing, and the linkages between these two. Recently Dr. Geletta’s research has been focused on the quality of health outcome measures, and the comparative analysis of community based or population based chronic disease management programs.

Current research projects

  • The “Iowa Healthy-Links” Chronic Disease Self Management Program Evaluation (2006 – current)
  • The Medicaid Congestive Heart Failure Population Based Disease Management Program Evaluation (2006 – current)
  • The Geography of Water Quality: Environmental Correlates of Water Contaminants (2007 – current)
  • The Impact of Frequent CEO Turnover on the Quality of Nursing Home Care



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