Research spotlight: Shane McClinton

Shane McClinton, D.P.T., CSCS, is a physical therapist within the Des Moines University Physical Therapy Clinic and Human Performance Laboratory.

He graduated with a masters in physical therapy from Des Moines University – Osteopathic Medical Center in 2001 and obtained his post-professional doctorate in 2007. Shane is currently a fellow in the manual physical therapy program at Regis University where he is working on advancing clinical expertise in evidence-based manual physical therapy. Shane’s clinical specialty includes management of orthopedic conditions in adult, geriatric and athletic populations. He has developed a Running and Cycling Clinic focusing on physiological/motion analysis, prevention of injuries and rehabilitation for runners and cyclists. In addition, he conducts clinical evaluations within the Human Performance Laboratory for individuals with above knee amputations and other specialized cases.

Current research projects

  • Weight bearing ankle dorsiflexion and arch measures in plantar fasciitis.
  • Cervicothoracic manual physical therapy and exercise in lateral expicondylalgia.


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