Shadowing as a second-year D.P.M. student

Second-year D.P.M. students at DMU have the opportunity get ahead of the curve now and shadow clinicians on campus before rotations.

I was there yesterday tagging along with the third-years who made it a positive experience for me and the clinicians who, naturally, were happy to teach and answer all of my questions. I spent about three hours in the clinic following various cases such as putting on a wound V.A.C. (contraption that helps heal wounds faster) and post-op surgery follow-ups. They even encouraged me to gain hands-on experience! (I’ll have to leave the details out – if you are a second-year D.P.M., you’ll take this opportunity to find out yourself!) The clinicians, students, and staff were very open about having me up there.

It was worth going and I highly recommend second-years start getting their feet wet in our fabulous clinic to prepare for third-year rotations. They’ve already asked me if other second-years have signed up for it. So have you?


Photo: Dr. Pehde with DMU students in the Des Moines University Foot & Ankle Institute.

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