Happy Veterans’ Day!


Vietnam veterans' memorial
Vietnam veterans' memorial

Please take a moment on this veterans’ day to remember those who lost their life while protecting our freedom. Use the day also as a reminder to thank those who have fought or continue to defend our country. The following are active or past members of the United States military at DMU (* denotes a student):

Randy Albaugh – U.S. Air Force

*Matthew Allred – U.S. Navy

*Aaron Andersen – U.S. Army

Bill Appelgate, Ph.D. – U.S. Army

*Jedidiah Ballard – U.S. Army

Dennis Bates, Ph.D. – U.S. Army

*Betsey Bean – U.S. Army

*Nick Bennett – U.S. Army

Carolyn Beverly, M.D., M.P.H. – U.S. Air Force

Governor Terry Branstad – U.S. Army

*David Carr – U.S. Navy

Dan Chambers, M.P.A.S., PA-C – U.S. Air Force/Army National Guard

*James Coker – U.S. Air Force

*Matthew Compton – U.S. Air Force

*Justin Costello – U.S. Army

*Callie Cox – U.S. Air Force

*Michael Davis – U.S. Marine Corps Reserves

*Sean Debuysere – U.S. Air Force

*Colin DeFord – U.S. Air Force

*Caleb Dickison – U.S. Army

*Jalien Dorris – U.S. Air Force

*David Faith – U.S. Air Force

*Michael Fangerow – U.S. Navy

*Elisha Farnworth – U.S. Air Force

Stephen Froom – Fiancé of *Kelsi Young – U.S. Army

Graham Giles – Husband of Jennifer Giles – U.S. Army National Guard

*Michael Hubbard – U.S. Army

Jeremiah Johnson – U.S. Air Force

*Kayla Knudsen – U.S. Air Force

*Mario La Giglia – U.S. Army

Bryan Larsen, Ph.D. – U.S. Air Force

Lance LeFurge – U.S. Army/U.S. Army Reserves

*Benjamin Lehmann – U.S. Naval Reserve

*Paul Lentz – U.S. Air Force

*Joseph Liddle – U.S. Air Force/Air National Guard

*Margaret MacClary – U.S. Navy

*James Machamer – U.S. Navy

*Shannon McCarthy – U.S. Air Force

*Lance McIntire – U.S. Army

*Allen Mehr – U.S. Army

*Mark Mintun – U.S. Marine Corps

*Christopher Mulder – U.S. Army

*Michalene Owens – U.S. Air Force

*Jason Patzwald – U.S. Army

Barry Peck – U.S. Marine Corps

David Pierce – U.S. Army

Kendall Reed, D.O., FACOS, FACS – U.S. Army

*Brady Reese – U.S. Army

*Alexander Reynolds – U.S. Air Force

*Matthew Richter – U.S. Navy

*Blake Riebe – U.S. Navy

Karol Robbins – U.S. Naval Reserve

*Kate Ross – U.S. Navy

*Shaina Saland – U.S. Air Force

*Joseph Sarubbi – U.S. Navy

Richard Schuster, D.O. – U.S. Navy

*Ryan Schutt – U.S. Navy

*Michael Sibel – U.S. Air Force

*Travis Sloan – U.S. Air Force

Timothy Steele, Ph.D. – U.S. Coast Guard

*Jaime Struve – U.S. Army National Guard

*Shane Thomas – U.S. Navy

*John Vogel – U.S. Air Force

*Katherine Vu – U.S. Navy

*Stephanie Warren – U.S. Air Force

*Steven Weatherspoon – U.S. Navy

*Shevonne Wells – U.S. Naval Reserve

*Matthew Wettstein – U.S. Army

Dale White – U.S. Navy

*Brady Yates – U.S. Army

This list does not even include our many, many alumni who have or currently are serving in the military. 


photo by Scott Ableman/Flickr



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