Care for your furry kids

People with children check the schools out before moving to a new area so at DMU we tell prospective students about how great the schools are here in the Des Moines metro area. But maybe your ‘kids’ aren’t human… maybe they have lots of fur and bark or meow. If that’s the case, you also have nothing to worry about when moving to Des Moines. 

I can give you all kinds of recommendations for pet care. My furry boys go to Westfield Vet Hospital in Johnston and we LOVE the caring vets, vet techs and office staff. They bend over backwards for my timid rescue dog, they chuckle when my super hyper dog spins in a circle and pees on the floor in excitement and they marvel at the size of my 200 lb dog. I’d HIGHLY recommend them for any pet health issues.

As for pet foods and accessories, I love Iowa Pet Foods (no website so no linky!) on 22nd street in West Des Moines. It’s a locally owned store that stocks good foods and treats. And if you have a super hyper, crazy dog that loves to socialize with other dogs, like I do, I’d suggest you call Happy Tails Doggy Daycare (in the back of Iowa Pet Foods!). We also have a great dog park in West Des Moines and another on the east side of the metro, Rover’s Ranch, near Pleasant Hill.

All in all, this city is as good for furry kids as it is for human kids! 🙂


Photo: my crazy hyper, always adorable golden retriever.
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