Come Discover DMU on Sept. 3!

We’re not big fans of boring tours and monotonous presentations, plus that wouldn’t represent our school very well. So we instead came up with Discover DMU Day, a dynamic, hands-on, action-packed, open house-style event for prospective students.

Discover DMU Day is exactly as the name describes – a way for you to personally experience the unique and exciting Des Moines University, or DMU as we call it. As the 15th largest medical school in the country and one of only a few premiere schools entirely devoted to medical and health-related degrees, we’re sure you’ll like what you see. So come discover DMU on Sept. 3.

Des Moines University president, Governor Terry Branstad, and college deans will speak and you can attend a health professions fair. In between those times, visitors can spend time checking out aspects of the school that interest them.

Some of the options for discovery include a chance to examine the lifelike human simulators, discover the high tech analysis used in the Human Performance Lab and sit in on a suturing session or laparoscope demonstration. Also an option is the chance to experience the simulated clinical setting students train in before entering a real clinic. Demonstrations of casting and osteopathic manipulative medicine will also be ongoing through the afternoon. Current DMU students will be on hand to answer questions and ensure visitors don’t get lost.

For more information call 515.271.1456 or visit to reserve a spot. Attendance is free.

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