Butter what?

It’s official, this year’s state fair butter statue has been announced!! In addition to this year’s butter cow at the fair, there will be a butter Shawn Johnson! Details here!

I should back up a moment for those of you new to Iowa… We LOVE our state fair in Iowa. It’s the best state fair around, if ya ask me. And one of the traditions is a cow sculpted out of butter. The why is simply unimportant. Just enjoy the fact that hundreds of pounds of butter are sculpted into an amazing replica of a cow. It’s awe-inspiring! (see below)

And every year the sculptor does something in addition to the cow. So this year, to honor Iowa’s AMAZING gymnast who took the number one spot on the U.S.A. Olympic gymnastic team, the statue will be Shawn Johnson! As Iowans, we’re super proud of this pint-sized girl with a mile-wide smile. The governor even declared Oct. 17 last year ‘Shawn Johnson Day’ and the media can’t get enough of her. And what’s the best way to recognize someone you admire & respect? Sculpt them out of butter.

~Courtney, the marketing girl & fair aficionado

photo by https://www.iowastatefair.com/?

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