More things to do in Des Moines!

Des Moines Art Festival

I have been remiss, dear readers, in not blogging already about this coming weekend. There is SO much going on, I can’t wait!

I will not miss the Arts Festival! Free to attend, it runs Fri-Sun, includes gorgeous displays of art, live music, fireworks, interactive activities and food vendors all over. An annual DSM event since 1958, it was rated in the top 10 Fair & Festival list by AmericanStyle magazine, was ranked 7th among 300 art festivals, by artists sales, in the ArtFair SourceBook and has won award after national award for years.

A complementary event, ArtFest Midwest, at the Fairgrounds is also free and features all midwestern artists. Admission and parking is free, this event is indoors.

And if its tunes you’re in the mood for, check out The Big Country Bash Sunday or Saturday’s Summer Jam!

And ongoing events like Nitefall on the River, DSM Metro Opera and Friday events at the Observatory will entertain.

Jazz in July begins on Tuesday!

~Courtney, the marketing girl

photo by Niki Brown

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