A review of the first year

Rachel Kish, D.P.M. 11

I just finished my first year at DMU as a podiatry student and I thought this blog would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on my experiences and to share any advice for those that are considering DMU, Des Moines and podiatry school.

I am from Pittsburgh, PA, so it was quite a move to Des Moines (about 14 hours.) I live within walking distance to the school, but I will admit sometimes I drive. ; ) It’s really easy to get around, so driving is nothing. The people are extremely friendly too and there is a ton of stuff to do! The University can be described in the exact same way.

There are a billion activities that go on throughout the year. For instance, I just volunteered at the Special Olympics where we evaluated gaits, feet, etc. In addition, the faculty is very approachable. I also consider my classmates a great resource for studying and just getting through the year.

As for class work, it started out at a slow pace and then the load increased as the year went on. School is challenging, but you have time to get into the swing of things. And to quote the first classmate that I met before school started:

“All you can do is do what you can.”

I find this to be the best advice that I have been given and the best advice that I can offer for triumphing over the challenges that medical school and moving to a new city have to offer.

Rachel Kish, D.P.M. ’11

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