The profs at DMU

Our professors at DMU are great. I was absolutely blown away by the quality professors we have. I came from a University where the teachers came in late or right on time and took off as soon as class finished. It is so different here. They are quality people and they are concerned about every college and each student. They have open door policy whenever they are in their office (I am sure they sometimes regret that after some tests! Just kidding!) They are great and have some fun and unique personalities.

We have been doing some cool podiatric labs our second year with our physician-lecturers. For surgery labs, where we practice doing external and internal fixation on some fake ankles and feet, they brought in representatives with all their tools and surgery kits, so we used the real thing. We have done suturing, knot tying, skinplasty/folds, orthotics, etc.

Second-year as a D.P.M. student is a lot of fun.

Bryan Hall
D.P.M. class of ‘1

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