Food festivals in Iowa

I’ve noticed a trend in our DMU blogs. Apparently we are all very food-focused!!! And while I should totally pick a different topic so you, my friendly blog readers, don’t think we all have one-track minds, I’m not going to today. And why you ask? because, yesterday the Des Moines Register did a story on food festivals in Iowa thru the summer.

And let me tell you, I LOVE food festivals. Something about eating fresh, local food outside in the sunshine. Nothin’ better, I say.

My favorites on the list are Pella Tulip Time (May 3) GORGEOUS flowers all over town, plus fresh Dutch letters. YUM. I also love the Greek Food Fair (June 7-8) and the Wells Fargo World Food Fest (Oct. 10-12). There are some festivals on this list that I NEED to check out, like a Taste of Chocolate (Sept. 13) – hello, what could be wrong about that?! – or the Coca Cola Days (Sept. 26). And I’ve heard for years how great Festa Italiana (Aug. 1-3) is but haven’t gone yet. Maybe this is the year!

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