Iowa still rocks

You may have heard a loud “whooshing” sound late last Thursday night or early Friday morning – it was the sound of thousands of media and political types leaving Iowa and heading for New Hampshire!

Yes, Iowans did themselves proud and turned out in record – HUGE record – crowds for the Iowa Caucuses. The people of Iowa take our first-in-the-nation status seriously, and they didn’t just show up for the caucuses – they showed up informed, prepared, and excited about taking part in selecting who will move forward in their bid to become the next President of the United States.

If you’re from Iowa, this comes as no surprise to you. But if you’re not, you might not have realized just how politically savvy the people of Iowa are.

It was great having all that attention, wasn’t it? But even after the campaign buses have faded into the horizon, even after the planeloads of news anchors and support staff have long disappeared into the sky, Iowa will STILL rock! Because the people here not only take their politics seriously, they take most of the things that are important seriously – things like education, family, work, play and overall quality of life.

It’s great to be in Iowa!

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