DMU launches Cell Phone Alert System

Des Moines University (DMU) announces the launch of a notification system that enables the University to send urgent news to cell phones. The system allows messages to be sent regarding emergencies and University cancellations or other important campus news. The service is available to all current students and employees of Des Moines University.


The new system, powered by e2Campus, enables school officials to send instant alerts directly to registered subscribers’ email accounts and mobile phones via SMS text messages. The alerts are also available via RSS, wireless PDA, and “My Yahoo”, “My AOL” or personalized iGoogle home page.


“Once students sign up, the alerts are sent directly to their cell phones the minute the news happens,” explains John Bruecken, director of campus security. “It’s a very convenient system for everyone, because it reaches people whether they are on campus or off campus. We will now be able to reach students immediately.”


The notification system will be used to communicate important information during any potential emergency, such as a snow delay or closing, weather warning, gas leak, fire, power failure other urgent event. 

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