Des Moines University Variety Show to benefit children

(Des Moines, IA) – If your perception of a proper medical student includes glasses and a thick textbook, you’ll be surprised to see Des Moines University students juggling, belly dancing and singing on stage on March 31.
All for a good cause, the second annual Des Moines University Variety Show is organized by the Pediatric Club and open to the public. For $5, attendees can enjoy pizza and a show from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Olsen Medical Education Center, 3200 Grand Avenue in Des Moines. Admission fees will go directly to the “Shoes That Fit” campaign in Des Moines.
“The Pediatric club puts all of its volunteer efforts towards the health and wellness of children, since that is what we will do in our profession. We especially like the Des Moines division of “Shoes that Fit” because there is such a huge need. Just one pair of shoes can do a world of difference for self esteem, learning and life,” explained Pediatric Club President Michael Darosa, DO class of 2008.
Hoping to raise at least $1000 for elementary students in need of shoes, the group has asked their fellow classmates to show off musical, vocal, physical, visual, magical, lyrical, emotional and theatrical talents. At least 15 participants have volunteered to display flame juggling, guitar playing, singing and other skills.
“The Variety Show will showcase the many talents our medical students have besides studying,” Darosa said. “Get ready to be mesmerized by enchanted dance, musical sensations and don’t forget about the crazy balloon animals.”
Tickets can be purchased the night of the event beginning at 5:45 p.m. Free parking is available in the parking garage to the south of the Medical Education Center. To find out more about the show, contact DMU Student Services at 515-271-1440.

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