DMU offers Friday Seminar Series to public

(Des Moines, IA) – Des Moines University’s Friday seminar series with health experts is now open to you too.
Classes meet each Friday from February 10 through May 12, 2006 from noon until 1 p.m in room 115 of the Des Moines University Student Education Center, 3300 Grand Avenue in Des Moines. Most sessions focus on scientific research but several of the sessions will offer useful information to the general public. Attendance is free and refreshments are served.
“The DMU Friday seminar series is held every year. The spring series runs through May and the fall series is September through December,” Martin Schmidt, Ph.D., assistant professor of biochemistry and nutrition, said. “The objectives are for students to attend top-notch scientific talks and for our scientists to keep up to date with the research at neighboring institutions.”
The series presenters include biomedical scientists, and speakers geared toward geriatric topics — sponsored by Des Moines University’s Geriatric Education Center — from Des Moines University and other Iowa institutions. This year’s speaker list even includes nationally recognized expert, Cliff Rosen, M.D., from the Maine Center of Osteoporosis Research, who will present a seminar on April 14 about osteoporosis treatments.
“He’s probably the best in the world to talk about this,” Schmidt described. “Dr. Rosen is a great speaker. Health care professionals, especially, will profit from his presentation.”

Check out the seminar series:
Feb 10: An intra-cellular odyssey: the travels of HRas within the cell. Presented by Janice Buss, Ph.D., of Iowa State University.
Feb. 17:Enhancing empathy in medical students using FLEX care communication training. Presented by DMU’s Carla Stebbins, Ph.D.
Feb. 24: Nutritional issues in the older adult population. Presented by Laurie Hughell, M.S., PA-C, from the Des Moines University Geriatric Education Center.
March 3:The significance of Jak2/Stat5 signaling for mammary tumorigenesis. Presented by Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D., from Nebraska Medical Center.
March 10: A segmental acceleration method for balance assessment during dynamic everyday tasks across the lifespan. Presented by DMU’s Vassilios Vardaxis, Ph.D.
March 17: The expanding domains of sources for evidence. Presented by DMU’s Simon Geletta, Ph.D.
March 31: Cochrane’s health care for older people. Presented by Des Moines University’s Gilbert Ramirez, Ph.D.
April 7: Is Atrazine unsafe? The effects of the triazine herbicide on human cells. Presented by Kavitha Dhanwada, Ph.D., from the University of Northern Iowa.
April 21: Life and death decisions during germ cell development in drosophilia: a model for germ cell metastasis. Presented by Clark Coffman, Ph.D., from Iowa State University.
April 28: Skin changes in the elderly. Presented by Basil Hassan, Ph.D., from the Mercy Mayo Family Practice.
May 5: Novel neuroprotective strategies in Parkinson’s disease. Presented by Aunamantha Kanthasamy, Ph.D., from Iowa State University.
May 12: Regulation of higher-order chromatin structure by post-translational histone modifications. Presented by Michael Shogren-Knaak, Ph.D., from Iowa State University.

Free parking is available south of the Student Education Center. Room 115 is on level one.

For more information, contact Martin Schmidt, assistant professor of biochemistry and nutrition, at 515-271-1528.

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