2006 Mini Medical School registration now available

What’s the difference between junk science and real science? Want to learn more about alternative medicine or how to deal with the creaks and groans associated with aging? Whether you love science or are just interested in your health, Des Moines University’s Mini Medical School will explain various health-related issues in a way that is fun and easy understand.

Classes meet each Tuesday from February 1 – March 8, 2006 from 7 to 9 p.m. All classes will be held in Lecture Hall 1 of the Des Moines University Academic Center, located at 3440 Grand Avenue in Des Moines. The cost is $25 for all six weeks and includes class materials.

Mini Medical School is taught by local experts and is designed to educate Iowans about new and emerging health-related issues. This year’s program includes the following presentations:

Junk Science vs. Real Science – How is scientific research in medicine conducted and how are results reported to the public? Do “hot topics” overshadow the careful and rigorous scientific process?

Ethical Dilemmas and the Office Visit – All physicians face the dilemma of what and how to tell patients and their family members about health issues.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – learn about vitamins, health foods and treatments that fall outside mainstream medicine.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine – The keystone of osteopathic medicine, OMM remains unknown to many people. Learn about the philosophy, techniques and benefits of this treatment modality.

Creaks and Groans, Joints and Bones – As Iowa’s population ages, but still remains active, physical therapy research and application can often add to quality of life. Learn about treatments that can improve movement and quality of life.

Pain Management – We all experience pain, from the transitory to chronic. Learn about current medical practices from an expert in pain management.

The Mini Medical School is sponsored by Des Moines University, Mercy Medical Center Des Moines and Iowa Health Des Moines.

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