Free booklet will help seniors access health care


(Des Moines, IA) ­­– A free transportation resource booklet is now available for Polk County seniors, which lists transportation resources around the area, provides phone numbers for services and gives general information about the services. Transportation is one of the biggest barriers in terms of seniors receiving adequate health care. In fact, a recent survey indicated that nearly one-third of Polk County seniors do not know whom to call if a friend, relative or neighbor is unable to provide them with transportation.


To help Polk County seniors access adequate transportation, the booklet, titled A Way to Go: Transportation Resources for Seniors of Polk County, was developed by the Polk County Coalition on Aging and two Des Moines University physician assistant graduates. The Polk County Coalition on Aging recently distributed 10,000 booklets to businesses, hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and others throughout the county.


“Currently, there is a lack of awareness regarding transportation options,” said Sue Bravard, PT, director of the Des Moines University Geriatric Education Center and coalition member. “This booklet will provide much needed information and positively impact the health and lives of countless older adults in Polk County.”


The Coalition on Aging is a work group of Healthy Polk 2010 addressing the issue of access to health care. To download a printable version of the booklet, visit the Healthy Polk 2010 web site at To request a copy of the booklet, call 515.286.3679. This project was made possible through the generous support of the Mid-Iowa Health Foundation. 


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