Governor Branstad awarded IMS health care award

(Des Moines, IA) – Governor Terry E. Branstad, Des Moines University president and CEO, was recently awarded Iowa Medical Society’s John F. Sanford Award for his outstanding efforts to improve health care in Iowa.


“I’m very honored to receive this award,” said Governor Branstad. “This award is also a reflection Des Moines University’s commitment to improving public health and health care in the state of Iowa and beyond.”


Governor Branstad is committed to issues that could positively impact the health of our communities, such as the proposed cigarette tax increase.


“A current issue affecting Iowans is the impact that cigarettes have on our health,” said Governor Branstad. “Nearly 4,600 Iowans die each year from their own smoking. It is estimated that this year Iowans will spend more than $937 million on smoking related illness. More notable than the annual medical costs, is the damage to health, happiness and functionality suffered by users and their loved ones. By increasing the cigarette tax, usage will drop and we will see a healthier Iowa. We all need to place a high value on the health of our community.”


The award is given each year by the Iowa Medical Society to honor a layperson for outstanding contributions to the public health or in the field of health care. The award was given at the Iowa Medical Society’s Annual Meeting during the House of Delegates on Sunday, April 17 at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.


Past winners include Governor Robert Ray, John Colloton, Michael Reagan, Senator Elaine Szymoniak, Lou Crist, MA, First Lady of Iowa Christie Vilsack, Lieutenant Governor Sally Pederson and Senator Charles Grassley.

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