Dr. Lewis helps inspire a virtual dance class

This story was submitted by Guriqbal Bhullar, D.O.’24.

My encouragement came after an email sent by Dr. Ciara Lewis on 3/16/20. In it, Dr. Lewis spoke about how the response to the virus may cause feelings of distress and anxiety. Although this email was directed at DMU students, I could not help but think about the students at our dance academy – I teach cultural Indian dance (Bhangra) in the local Detroit community. Therefore, my dance partner and I started to offer free online classes to not just our existing students, but to anyone willing to attend. Now, we are impressed with the participation and response we have received. We currently host free classes three times a week for seven groups. We are happy that we are able to provide our community with the chance to engage in physical activity and a chance to socialize in these difficult times.

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