Important guest

Vice Admiral Robinson with then-President George W. Bush. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist Seaman Heather Weaver

On Wednesday, Sept. 29 (which is probably today for most readers), DMU has a special guest presenting at noon in the Student Education Center auditorium.

Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson, Jr., M.D., will be speaking about the Navy’s humanitarian aid ships, U.S. Comfort & U.S. Mercy. I’m not in the military and don’t know that much about it (even though my brother is in Marine basic training right now and my sister’s bf is in the Navy.) but I’m pretty impressed that the Navy’s surgeon general wants to come to DMU!

The Navy’s hospital ships provide on-site care for U.S. military, be it Marines, Army, Air Force or Navy, and they also provide care to citizens in under-served countries. AND our students will be able to do rotations on the ship next year! We are one of the very few first medical schools in the country to have this partnership and students are psyched about it. This fall some of our faculty will be scoping out the situation on the ships and students will start rotating through in April!

The event is free & open to all! Bring your lunch or come a few minutes early to buy food in the cafeteria!

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