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Physical Therapy Clinic

Our skilled physical therapists can evaluate and treat your condition using the most effective rehabilitation program possible, bringing together a treatment strategy that addresses psychological, social and physical aspects of your pain or disability. We pride ourselves at looking at the whole person, as often a foot or elbow problem starts in the spine (or the hip, or knee or shoulder), with the goal of reducing your pain and improving your ability to function normally in your life.

Dr. Shannon Petersen, D.P.T. working with a patient

We are experts in movement retraining, as well as in specific manual techniques like myofascial release, muscle energy, joint mobilization and strain/counterstrain that complement each other well, working towards your rehabilitation.

Our team looks forward to being your physical therapist for life. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 515-271-1717. Physical therapy may also be able to assist with special appointments or emergencies.

Services include:

Special programs and classes

Active Older Adult Exercise

An exercise class specially designed for older adults, focused on improving balance, strength and flexibility.

Core Strength with Pilates

Learn to engage and retrain your deepest core muscles for improved posture, reduced pain and better mobility.

Power Hour Series

The experts at Des Moines University Clinic have developed an educational series designed for athletes of all ages. Learn how to prevent injury, perform better
and stay healthy.

Yoga for Every Body

Join us as we work towards improved self-awareness through carefully chosen and controlled yoga poses and breath.

News and updates

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