Appointments: 515-271-1700

If you have COVID-19 symptoms

Please do not call or visit your normal provider. Instead, Polk County residents should call 2-1-1. If you have an upcoming appointment at the DMU Clinic please call in advance. More information is available on DMU's coronavirus response website.

On-Site Availability

Family Medicine, Foot and Ankle, Physical Therapy, and Radiology are taking patients on-site.

Telehealth Availability

All departments with the exception of Radiology are offering telehealth services. Please contact your provider through the patient portal or by calling.

Special programs and classes have been canceled through October due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Exercise classes

The DMU physical therapy clinic believes there is a need for a more intimate and safe environment for individuals wanting the community of exercise but are not comfortable going to a traditional workout gym or class. We invite you to try some of the wellness classes at the Physical Therapy clinic. Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants teach our classes and they are specifically trained in the  areas they teach. Using the background of anatomy, physiology, and safe movement they design programs that target specific parts of the body and are safe for all participants.

Build strength, increase flexibility, practice mindfulness

Our classes include yoga, core strengthening and stretching using Pilates principles, Tai-Chi and strength training. Our yoga includes breath work, meditation, and asana that are biomechanically sound and modified for whatever movement abilities the individual has, allowing all to experience the benefits of this ancient tradition. Pilates classes are in small groups with specific training goals to work on core, hip and pelvic training. It is a perfect class for individuals with low back, hip, or pelvic pain. Strength training includes use of straps, weights, and balance activities to give a whole-body training with assistance of two rehabilitation specialist to work on proper technique and personal goals.

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