Physical therapy wellness examination

Although many individuals do not have a need for rehabilitation, they could benefit from an assessment to assist with improvement in their movement that would decrease their risk of injury or improve their general wellness. The Physical Therapy Wellness Examination is an assessment of an individual’s ability to move well. Assessment includes flexibility, strength, walking, balance, and aerobic conditioning. Clients can also bring questions regarding desk ergonomics, or other functional activities that may be difficult to do.

What to expect during an examination

The Physical Therapy Wellness Exam is designed to be adapted for all ages.  The exam will include a medical history review, vitals, posture, flexibility, strength, gait, balance testing, and aerobic testing.  After testing, participants are provided with appropriate recommendations to maintain or enhance wellness.

Most insurance plans do not cover preventative assessments. The cost of the Physical Therapy Wellness Exam is $100 for a 60 min examination. Upon completion, if the physical therapist believes the client can benefit from further physical therapy, insurance often covers treatment. A call to your insurance to verify coverage is recommended.

Individualized Instruction

The Physical Therapy Clinic provides individualized instruction for clients who want to begin weight training, join a gym, workout on a video, or begin a running or biking program but are not sure how to start or are afraid of flaring an old injury or creating a new one. After assessing your desires and needs, our Physical Therapist will design a program for you to transition back to an independent exercise program. Programs include general weight training, biking, running, Pilates or yoga.

Cost of individual instruction is $50 for a 30 minute session and includes addressing any problem areas or concerns for exercising and establishing a safe routine and resources to assist with reaching your personal wellness goals.

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