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The Running Clinic combines clinical expertise with technology to evaluate and treat the specialized needs of runners of all ages and ability levels.

Running and Cycling Treatment and Clinic

Rehabilitation for running injuries

Pain and injuries in runners are often due to multiple factors but commonly include less-than-ideal movement patterns or a mismatch between the body’s capacity and the training load. Our physical therapists will evaluate the way you move, your training regimen, body alignment, flexibility, muscle performance and footwear. We integrate wearable and motion analysis technology to assess movement posture and efficiency to identify problems that cannot be captured by the naked eye. An individualized treatment plan may include specific exercises, modification of training parameters, manual therapy, trigger point procedures (including dry needling), footwear advice, bike adjustment recommendations and retraining running mechanics.

Prevention of injury or Performance Enhancement

Whether training for a marathon, triathlon or a shorter race, we all want to avoid injuries and be as fast and efficient as possible. Our Running Clinic can address these needs. Therapists will review your running history, medical history, and additional exercise or work demands. A movement-based physical examination, video analysis, and additional information from sensors worn while running will allow our therapists to provide recommendations to help achieve your goals.

Physical therapy related to injury is covered by most medical insurance; contact your insurance company for specific benefits. Medical insurance does not cover examinations or procedures to prevent injuries and/or enhance performance. Running injury prevention or performance enhancement appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes for $150.

Appointments 515-271-1717
Hours Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location 3200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312

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“For the second time in my life, I needed physical therapy and for the second time I found a cure at DMU Physical Therapy. This time I was sent to another clinic in Des Moines, where nothing much happened for a couple of months. I transferred over to DMU and it is a problem of the past. Many thanks to Dr. Shane McClinton and their warm, friendly and caring staff for providing a positive environment for their patients to thrive. Dr. McClinton explained everything in easy to understand language, where I could relate to my experience and achieve my desired results. That is the key - MY desired results. If the need arises, and I hope it doesn't, but I will always rely on DMU Physical Therapy to help me achieve my goals. Thank you, friends!!!!”

Ron, Clinic patient

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