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Running and Cycling Clinic

Running and Cycling Clinic

The Running and Cycling Clinic at Des Moines University combines clinical expertise, experience, and technology to evaluate and treat the specialized needs of runners and cyclists of all ages and all levels.

Running and cycling are two of the most popular and convenient forms of exercise.  Along with increased participation in running and cycling both competitively and recreationally, increased injury rates have also been observed. The number of runners or cyclists who may suffer an injury at some time is estimated to be as high as 85-90%. For individuals undergoing triathlon training approximately 70% will seek medical consultation. When running and cycling injuries occur, it may be difficult to determine who to see and often times the recommendations may vary greatly between providers.  In extreme situations, the runner or cyclist may be advised to give up their passion of running or cycling if no solutions are identified.

The rehabilitation staff at the Des Moines University Running and Cycling Clinic can help you to sort out the problems that are inhibiting your running or cycling. Learn more about our rehabilitation clinic including expertise and certifications in orthopaedics, manual therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and trigger point dry needling. Many of the issues causing pain in runners and cyclists are attributed to movement-related problems or training factors that are not detectable by static tests such as MRI, x-ray, and even some basic physical examination procedures. This is where a professional with movement-based training and sport-specific expertise may be able to provide solutions to your running or cycling-related injury or pain. The Running and Cycling Clinic is designed to provide individualized (not group-based) assessment and treatment of specific running or cycling concerns including pain, injury or performance.

Individualized Services Include:

  • History and training program review
  • Physical examination (foot and body structural alignment, footwear, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and movement quality)
  • Sport and rehabilitation-specific exercise instruction
  • Video analysis of running and/or biking motion
  • Treatment plan

Running and Cycling Clinic

The services required will be dependent upon your unique situation. Following the examination, results will be discussed and a treatment plan or recommendations will be provided. Treatment may include specific exercises, manual therapy, footwear advice, bike adjustment recommendations, and consultation regarding running or cycling mechanics and training parameters.

Injury-related examinations and services are typically covered as physical therapy services if you have medical insurance. Check with your insurance plan to see if you require a physician’s order to have physical therapy costs covered or to identify your costs associated with copayment, coinsurance, or deductible. Costs range from $100 to $250 per visit depending on the services provided.

If you do not have an injury-related condition, yet are seeking to prevent injury or enhance your current performance then medical insurance will not cover the costs of these services. Costs for one 80 minute appointment that may include history, physical examination, video analysis and exercise recommendations is $150.

Call 515-271-1717 for more information or to schedule an appointment.