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Other Student Services

The following topics briefly describe some of the student services, skill enhancement opportunities and student life offerings available at Des Moines University.

Faculty Advisor

All students are assigned a faculty advisor who provides assistance, advice and counsel and who serves as a liaison between the student and the academic and administrative communities. Based upon students’ needs and requests, faculty advisors are available to monitor academic achievement and provide guidance and assistance in meeting academic requirements; serve as a mentor to the student; assist students with the development of study and coping skills; and inform appropriate departments of student concerns. Students are introduced to their advisor at a special luncheon organized as part of orientation activities.

Peer Tutors

The University has established a peer tutor program in which second-year students volunteer to tutor first-year students in an atmosphere of collegiality, trust and respect. Tutors provide assistance in course mastery and concept clarification, study strategies, test preparation and time management.

Student Government

To support student interests and to bolster the academic, social and service initiatives of the University, Student Government Associations (SGAs) are organized within each college. A University Senate, with representatives from each College, addresses issues and activities that are inter-college in nature. It also oversees social and athletic activities. All students are encouraged to become involved with, and participate in, committees, events and activities sponsored by the University Senate or Student Government Associations.


Students participating in the University’s Ambassador Program provide educational presentations on scientific, medical and health-related topics as a free service to students in schools and colleges throughout the region. DMU students also conduct on-campus tours of facilities and deliver presentations on medical topics.

Community Medicine Program

The University’s Community Medicine Program offers a wide variety of service-oriented medical activities throughout the year. Through this program, students are provided with the opportunity to further develop the skills they have acquired in physical diagnosis and also become acquainted with community agencies with which they may interact as health care professionals. Free and low-cost services include health screenings, physical examinations and immunization clinics.