Physical therapy students at Des Moines University have access to one of the most advanced motion analysis laboratories in the region – DMU’s on-campus Human Performance Lab.

Students learn to recognize the range and complexity of human movement disorders while gaining abilities in and an appreciation for the team approach to diagnosing and treating patients.

The Human Performance Lab (HPL) combines diagnostics and biotechnology to evaluate and treat human movement deficits and physical conditions. The lab uses computerized motion analysis to assess movement problems related to muscles, joints and nerves.

Students learn the applications of the lab through patient care and research. All D.P.T. students rotate through the lab during the course of study. Students may elect to use the lab for required research projects and can use the lab to pursue interest areas as well.

Running and Cycling Clinic

Running and Cycling ClinicA resource for athletes and students, the Running and Cycling Clinic combines clinical expertise, experience and technology to evaluate and treat the specialized needs of runners and cyclists. The clinic integrates the services of the doctor of physical therapy program with the Human Performance Lab in one convenient location.

The HPL contains state-of-the-art motion analysis technology to accurately record and assess a variety of factors while running or cycling. Individualized services including:

  • Physical examination (foot and body structural alignment, strength, flexibility, balance and movement patterns)
  • Sport and rehabilitation-specific exercise instruction
  • 2-D video analysis
  • 3-D joint motion analysis
  • Medically-biased bike fit
  • Physiology testing (VO2 max and anaerobic threshold)