Steve Perkins, D.O.’05

Steve Perkins, D.O.’05, continues to practice as an outpatient-based family medicine physician with the Mayo Clinic Health System, now in its La Crosse, WI, facility. He also serves as vice chair of education for the Mayo-Southwest Wisconsin region and the …

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Robert Csintalan, D.P.T.’05

Robert Csintalan, D.P.T.’05, joined the Corvallis Clinic in Corvallis, OR. Most of his work has been in outpatient clinics and acute care orthopedics, and he also has a background in manual therapy.

Jill Harris, D.P.T.’20

Jill Harris, D.P.T.’20, is a physical therapist with Advanced Rehab and Sports Medicine Services in Bettendorf, IA. She enjoys treating shoulder pathologies, neck pain, headaches, pelvic floor dysfunction and ankle and foot pathologies.

Greg Blythe, D.O.’12

Greg Blythe, D.O.’12, is medical director of the emergency department at Jones Regional Medical Center in Anamosa, IA.

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