Students participate in three on-campus experiences during the program. Held on the DMU campus, these five-day events offer professional development that’s highly intensive and highly interactive. Sessions cover current issues in health care, from leadership and quality assessment to governance, conflict resolution, and strategy formulation and implementation. An innovative component of the on-campus experiences is an exercise in DMU’s Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory. Small groups of students are assigned roles in a health care organization. They’re given the task of investigating, assessing and resolving a case based on interviews of “actors” involved in the case. Students then review video of those interviews and discuss the experience.

MHA Executive Residency 2012 (16)Following the completion of an on-campus experience, students return to work with new skills that are directly applicable to their positions in management and leadership.  The on-campus experiences provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Receive a highly interactive, energizing leadership development content that cannot be replicated in an online environment
  • Build supportive relationships with the university, program, and faculty/staff
  • Build a professional network of your peers

It’s an exciting time to join the M.H.A. program at Des Moines University, and the on-campus experience will provide you with the educational tools necessary to advance career!

“The on-campus experiences are a fast-paced, high-value experience. Just being able to put a name to a face on campus adds so much to the online classes. I think the faculty have done a great job designing the program.”

Travis J.


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The M.H.A. curriculum is comprised of 48 total semester hours; 10 of those semester hours will be completed on-campus.

The first on-campus experience occurs at the beginning of the student’s course work, the second is at the end of block two-course work, and the third is at the end of block three-course work.  Students will spend a total of 15 days on DMU’s campus while working toward completion of their M.H.A. degree.

The on-campus experiences are held each January and September, and are scheduled to run from Wednesday afternoon through Sunday morning. The majority of our students are employed, and we realize attending the on-campus experience comes at a cost to your professional and personal lives.  This schedule was developed to maximize your time on campus, while minimizing your time away from work.