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Schedule of events

Time Stamp Presentation
6:00 Introduction by Dr. Paul Volker and Olivia Matz, President of DMU’s Geriatrics Club
8:45 Mental Health During COVID-19
19:50 Osteopathic Self-treatment to Promote the Body’s Ability to Fight COVID-19
38:05 Nutrition, Physical Activity and Movement with Bands. Email Jacob.D.Hamilton@dmu.edu to request your FREE resistance band!
47:55 Aging of the Brain
1:09:53 When to seek out the ER?
1:22:01 Older Adult Sleep
1:31:34 Total Ankle Replacement
1:52:14 Diabetic Neuropathy: Problems, Causes and Solutions
2:04:06 Common Orthopedic Problems
2:19:10 Bone Health and Osteoporosis
2:28:55 Fall Prevention
2:32:30 Pelvic Floor and Urinary Incontinence
3:06:05 Caring for Wounds: Risk Factors and Treatments
3:25:45 Aging in Your Skin
3:31:07 Blood Thinners
3:40:57 Screening for Colon, Breast and Prostate Cancer
3:55:01 Importance of Pain Journaling
4:03:40 Kidney Health
4:09:40 Eye Health
4:26:34 Navigating End of Life Decisions
4:49:57 Question and Answers
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