The Joint Preservation Institute of Iowa and the Des Moines University Department of Public Health are conducting a study on the safety of Hammer Drills. This study will help define how often and to what degree workers who use hammer drills are injured during the use of the tool. The object of the study is to show whether workers suffer shoulder injuries more often when they are using Hammer Drills.  Importantly, this study will be conducted with direct text messaging surveys.  The confidentiality of study participants will adhere to the strictest standards.  The goal is to find out not just how many injuries are reported, but to find out how many injuries are suffered and NOT reported.
Hammer Drills are used among a large number of trades.  We are hoping to use this study as a stepping stone to help point out how the scope of injury to workers is potentially much larger than would be apparent from examining Worker’s Compensation data might show.  We also believe that if the study shows that hammer drills are a significant cause of injury, companies will have motivation to develop safer tools and better safety measures including ergonomic and physical fitness education for workers.
In order to have the most scientifically valid study, we need as many participants as possible. We especially ask Employers, Union Supervisors, and other management level people working in the trades to contact us to help enroll as many subjects as possible. 
For more details or to enroll contact the joint preservation of Iowa at 808-645-6473.
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