Cost of Attendance Budget

The Post Professional DPT student cost of attendance budget is based on an academic year that consists of three terms.  Your financial aid is determined by your course load each term and your enrollment status.  You must maintain at least a half-time status for financial aid eligibility and each term you must apply for funds.

Full-time budget: Registered for 9 or more credit hours per trimester

Half-time budget: Registered for 5 credit hours, but less than 9 credit hours per trimester.

These budgets are based on one term.

 Full-time Half-time
 Books/Supplies $300 $150
 Estimated Loan fees $61 $33


  • DMU Alumni and Preceptors – $540 per credit hour
  • Non-Alumni – $596 per credit hour

To calculate your cost of attendance budget, multiply your registered credit hours times $540/$596.  Add the result to your full-time or half-time expense budget.  The result is your budget for the term.

Students are only eligible to receive funding to cover direct educational costs: tuition, fees and books.

Past Year

Download the 2015-2016 Cost of Attendance Budget