Cost of Attendance Budget

The MHA/MPH student cost of attendance budget is based on an academic year that consists of three terms. Your financial aid is determined by your course load each term and your enrollment status. You must maintain at least a half-time status for financial aid eligibility and each term you must apply for funds.

Each student is allowed to receive funding (from all resources i.e.: loans, scholarships, etc.) up to the budget. Federal guidelines were utilized and the amount represents the maximum funding you can receive. See term budget below.

To be eligible for financial aid, you must register for at least 5 credit hours per term. Financial aid awards cannot be estimated until you have registered for courses.

Des Moines University is a private institution and has the same tuition for in-state and out-of-state students.

Academic Year 2018-2019 Full Time Half Time
  (3 mo.) (3 mo.)
Rent (635/mo) 1,905 953
Utilities (115/mo) 345 173
Telephone (73/mo) 219 110
Food (325/mo) 975 488
Personal (300/mo) 900 450
Books 475 375
Tuition** 5760 3200
Estimated fees withheld from loans 113 61
  10,692 5810

*  Budget subject to change

** Tuition based on 9 credit hours for full time and 5 credit hours for half time.  If a student takes additional credits the tuition charge will be higher.

The total cost of attendance budget is the maximum amount of resources (i.e.-scholarships, loans, grants, etc.) that a student may receive.  If a student receives a late award (loan, scholarship, grant, etc.) the financial aid package is recalculated.If possible, second disbursements are lowered, if not the late award is sent to the lender to reduce the amount of loans.

Keep in mind that according to Federal regulations, the budget is constructed for a single student only.

Changes on financial aid disbursement

From the financial aid office: All federal financial aid will be disbursed to the school two business days following the drop deadline date, reference the course calendar for specific drop deadline date.

From the business office: Any credit balance that would result from the financial aid being applied to tuition charges will be refunded within three business day of the date applied.

Past Year

Download the 2017-2018 Cost of Attendance Budget

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