BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//Des Moines University - ECPv3.10//NONSGML v1.0//EN CALSCALE:GREGORIAN METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME:Des Moines University X-ORIGINAL-URL: X-WR-CALDESC:Events for Des Moines University BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20130213T000000Z DTEND:20130213T013000Z DTSTAMP:20150630T213323Z CREATED:20121114T194458Z LAST-MODIFIED:20121114T194458Z SUMMARY:ACFAS/Nevada alumni event DESCRIPTION:DMU will be hosting a booth at ACFAS in Las Vegas\, NV\, February 10-13. The Alumni Association will also be hosting a reception for alumni attending ACFAS and local Nevada alumni on Tuesday\, February 12\, 6-7:30 p.m.\, at Ri Ra Irish Pub (located in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay).\nWho's coming\n\n\t1961 Bernard Lang\, D.O.\n\t1986 Lori Hillman\, D.P.M.\n\t1987 Richard Arness\, D.P.M.\n\t1987 Kevin Koester\, D.P.M.\n\t2000 Bryan Russell\, D.P.M.\n\t2001 Erin Barp\, D.P.M.\n\t2003 Benjy Olsen\, D.P.M.\n\t2003 Eric Steen\, D.P.M.\n\t2005 Scott Torness\, D.P.M.\n\t2006 April Borchardt\, D.P.M.\n\t2007 Shannon Lensing\, D.P.M.\n\t2008 Brandon Bishop\, D.P.M.\n\t2008 John Rialson\, D.P.M.\n\t2008 Daniel Shadrick\, D.P.M.\n\t2008 Joshua Vest\, D.P.M.\n\t2009 Daniel Arrhenius\, D.P.M.\n\t2009 Nicholas Hugentobler\, D.P.M.\n\t2009 Kevin McCann\, D.P.M.\n\t2009 Brandon Wilde\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Jason Campbell\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Benjamin Fluhman\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Jon Humphers\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Nicole Jedlicka\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Jared Maker\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Kyle Peterson\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Evie Plummer\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Eric Powell\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Chad Squire\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Shawn Summers\, D.P.M.\n\t2010 Christian Tolboe\, D.P.M.\n\n\n\t2011 Kyle Abben\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Kenneth Hegewald\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Matthew Hentges\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Marc Jones\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Eric Lew\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Kyle Pearson\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Amy Reeter\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Gavin Ripp\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Alex Sabers\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Jakob Thorud\, D.P.M.\n\t2011 Joshua Thun\, D.P.M.\n\t2012 Nick Dang\, D.P.M.\n\t2012 Leila McKenzie\, D.P.M.\n\t2012 Megan Wilder\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Teri Baker\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Casey Ebert\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Troy Fowler\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Kyle Moore\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Ashley Mychak\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Kathie Palmersheim\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Alyssa Roskop\, D.P.M.\n\t2013 Michael Zimmerman\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 Sean Betesh\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 Christopher Bourke\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 Ashley Bruno\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 Jason Burkle\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 Kyle Duncan\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 Laura Richards\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 Travis Tidwell\, D.P.M.\n\t2014 John Witt\, D.P.M.\n\t2015 Brandy Hooper\, D.P.M.\n\nRSVP\nPlease call the Alumni Relations office at 515-271-1463 if you have questions.\n\n[gravityform id="14" name="Alumni event RSVP" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values='event_name=ACFAS/Nevada alumni event&event_date=02/05/2013'] URL: LOCATION:3930 Las Vegas Blvd S\, Las Vegas\, NV\, 89119\, United States CATEGORIES:Alumni ORGANIZER;CN=Alumni END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR