The Power of Story in Healing

Beyond the necessities for survival, is there any more fundamental human need than to connect with others through stories? They let us feel kinship, experience emotion, and understand or challenge the people and world around us. Stories let us learn, share, get angry, become motivated, understand difference and appreciate community.

DMU faculty members named NAOME 2014 fellows

Mary Johnson, Ph.D., associate dean for academic affairs and professor in the College of Osteopathic Medicine, was named a 2014-2019 …

Physiology and Pharmacology well represented at annual meeting

The 17th Annual Iowa Physiological Society Meeting was held on campus September 21 and the Physiology and Pharmacology Department was …

Getting to know you

Did Associate Professor Matthew Henry really once hang out with pro skateboarder Tony Hawk? Did Associate Professor Wayne Wilson truly once sport a Mohawk? Students pondered these and many other fascinating facts during DMU’s first-ever “Get to Know the Faculty Night.”

How to ride a bicycle across the state of Iowa and live to tell about it

What do butt butter, sunblock, a full water bottle and a healthy appetite for pie have in common? They’re all …