Friday recipe: a real vegetable (and not pizza)

My teenage kids came home from school recently full of joy over something that made my blood boil: On Nov. 14, Congress released the final version of a spending bill that effectively allows pizza to be considered a vegetable in school lunches. The bill would block a rule proposed by the Obama administration that would […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipes: holiday treats

This time of year, I find myself fantasizing about colleague Katie’s peanut butter fudge, my spouse’s spritz cookies and the white-chocolate-dipped peanut butter Ritz cracker sandwiches my kids love. We humans are hard-wired to seek sweets, and the holidays are an easy time to get stupid on sugar. I’m not advocating for a ban on […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipes: holiday hosting

‘Tis the season of plenty…including plenty of unhealthy eating and mass consumption. I’m not being condescending; I’d be the first to elbow you out of the way should you get between myself and the peanut clusters. And I believe in moderation, including in moderation – it’s the holiday season, after all, and time for some […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: squash and apple saute

Linda Gobberdiel is president of the Iowa Food Systems Council Board of Directors; co-convener of the Healthy Urban Food and Farming Work Group; and one of our friends at Tallgrass Grocery Co-op. She offers this simple recipe with several ingredients available at Tallgrass. Squash and apple saute 1 teaspoon olive oil 4 3/4 cup grated […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: turkey tostadas

Some people believe Thanksgiving is all about the food – well, in addition to actually being thankful – but the traditional meal of turkey, marshmallowed sweet potatoes, dressing and green-bean casserole is my least favorite eating “event” of the year. I don’t even like pumpkin pie. What I do like is the comfort of having […]

— Barb Boose

Make a change for Mother Earth

About three years ago, a group of DMU students began pushing the University to increase its sustainability practices. They wanted DMU to recycle more paper and plastic water bottles and reduce waste in other areas. Now an official campus organization, the Conservation and Sustainability Committee succeeded in getting the University to install several water coolers […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: baked squash and apples

I hear more and more talk about the importance of eating “real,” and I’m convinced an important component of that is eating local. I appreciate that will require me to adjust my own expectations – for example, not fretting when I can’t get good fresh tomatoes in the winter, because fresh tomatoes don’t grow in […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: cilantro chicken

I believe good cooks are like artists, and I consider Lynn Rosetto Kasper among them. She’s the host of the American Public Media program “The Splendid Table,” which I try to catch every weekend for great recipes, cooking tips and fun conversations with avid foodies. If nothing else, check out last weekend’s recipe for fluorescent […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: roasted root vegetables

Last night I joined other members of the DMU community for a showing of Robert Kenner’s 2008 Emmy Award-winning film, “Food, Inc.,” which explores our industrial food system. Dominated by just a handful of mega-corporations, this system prioritizes uniformity, conformity, efficiency and cheapness in ways that reduce good nutrition, abuse workers and animals, endanger the […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: gazpacho

For some reason, my husband’s tomatoes were late this year, so although it’s October, I’m just now getting my fill of one of my favorite all-time concoctions, gazpacho. I was getting ready to make a batch last week when I came across an interesting feature about Joel Salatin, a third-generation family farmer from Virginia who […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: apple crisp

The weather in Des Moines has been gorgeous lately, the trees are showing their beautiful fall colors and the local apple crop is rolling in. I love going to local orchards for fresh-picked Honey Crisps, Jonathans and all the other varieties they grow. While the healthiest way to enjoy apples is eating them right off […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: channa masala

I made the mistake earlier this week of getting sucked into the website for this weekend’s World Food Festival in Des Moines – a mistake because my mouth began watering, my food fantasies ran wild and I was for some time distracted from what I should have been doing. With optimum weather in the forecast, […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: curried quinoa and cabbage salad

I’m like food author Mark Scarbrough in that 1) I endeavor to eat “real” food (i.e., foods that are not processed or injected with fat, sugar and sodium, but yet that are highly flavorful and satisfying) and 2) I like to make dishes that will last me several meals. He and Bruce Weinstein published the […]

— Barb Boose

How “Burger Palace” Bobby shed 10 pounds

As difficult as it can be to shed unwanted pounds, I’ve always thought it would be even harder for professional chefs. Surrounded by luscious foods that demand you taste them and having to create and try new dishes sound like irresistible temptations for most people. But Food Network celebrity chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay, creator […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: sriracha-cha-cha sweet potatoes

If you follow the Friday recipe blog at all, you know what hot-and-spicy foods addict I am. I’m not too proud to admit, for example, that I’ve sauteed vegetables in the juice from a jar of jalapenos. In my opinion, it’s a rare food that can’t be improved with a squirt of Tabasco and several […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: honoring Latino heritage

This weekend, in addition to enjoying the Beaverdale Fall Festival, you can relish the great cultural, artistic and even culinary offerings of Iowa’s ninth annual Latino Heritage Festival,this Saturday and Sunday downtown on the Locust and Walnut street bridges. Explore the diversity and rich cultural nuances of Latin American countries in the festival’s cultural booths, […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: roasted eggplant with cilantro yogurt

I’ve talked on the blog before about the “Meatless Monday” campaign, a nonprofit initiative of The Monday Campaigns in association with the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health. Its goal is to encourage people to cut out meat once a week to “improve our health, reduce our carbon footprint and lead the world in […]

— Barb Boose

Friday recipe: tomato kimchi-chi

The home improvement projects I’ve been nagging my spouse to get done this summer had an unfortunate side effect: They bit into the time he could spend on his garden. (I knew I needed minions!) I should call it my garden, as he so kindly devotes plenty of space to tomatoes and peppers, two of […]

— Barb Boose

Even more fresh local food

Starting tomorrow Downtown Des Moines will have a new way to spend their lunch hour when the Downtown Farmers’ Market – Wednesday Market opens. The new six-week market will be held on Wednesdays, Aug. 31 – Oct. 5, 2011 in Western Gateway on Thirteenth Street, between Grand Avenue and Locust Street, in Downtown Des Moines. […]

— Nicole Branstad

Friday recipe: quin-WHAT?

Whenever I mention to someone that I am going to have a quinoa dish, I normally receive a “what did you just say?” look. Many people have not heard of this pseudo-cereal, but I’m sure they would be pleasantly surprised at the versatility it holds for any number of dishes. One such dish that I […]

— Andrew Crisologo