Great escapes

Need an escape? Check out the Fall 2012 edition of the DMU Magazine – online NOW!

Giving is a family affair for the Sahais

From the patient care they’ve provided to the millions of dollars they’ve contributed to numerous organizations, including DMU, philanthropy is a Sahai family tradition.

DMU Clinic marks 25th year, expands services

Twenty-five years ago, the University opened a new 10-story clinic on campus. This summer, it gained a new dimension with La Clinica.

Award-winning excerpts from Abaton

Enjoy submissions by DMU students Rebecca Minardi and Michael Eastman to the 2012 edition of DMU’s annual medical literary journal, Abaton.

DMU to salute ACOI, ACOS leaders

This fall, the University will recognize alumni Eric Goldsmith and Robert Good for leading two national medical organizations.

Physical therapists reunite for some social therapy

Members of the doctor of physical therapy Class of 2007 recently got together in Des Moines to reminisce and update each other on their careers and lives. They were even able to recall their class seating chart, which they sketched out on a to-go box.

1981 grad earns highest AAO honor

Mark Cantieri has treated a wide variety of patients, counseled hospitals, taught others and co-authored a medical textbook. Now he also wears the A.T. Still Medallion of Honor.

Older, wiser and still looking for a good time

DMU alumni came back to campus in June to reminisce, reconnect and admire their alma mater in its current state.

DMU grads rock West Penn podiatric residency program

DMU podiatric medical students and graduates enjoy a top-choice residency program they say feels like a family.

PT alumnus receives state sports medicine award

After 15 years of mending athletes and reviving their spirits, Rob Drew got his time in the spotlight for doing what he finds “very rewarding.”

Tango: more than just a dance for Parkinson’s patients

Alumna Marnie Coutts wants more than two to tango: She says the Argentinian version of the dance can benefit people with this debilitating disease.

Life is complicated; birth control doesn’t have to be

Almost half of all pregnancies in Iowa and across the U.S. are unintended, one of the highest levels in the developed world. An Iowa initiative is working to counter that, giving women and men resources to avoid the stork.