She’s a champion lightweight – really!

This DMU grad gives new meaning to the phrase, “abs (and everything else) of steel.”

Living life to an exhilarating extreme

Orthopedic surgeon, Ironman, endurance athlete, triathlete, team doctor, sports medicine symposium leader and father, Gerardo Goldberger says, “Multi-tasking is second nature.”

DMU grad ‘America’s most loved’ doctor

Thomas Selznick, D.O.’81, dearly loves being a doctor. The family physician in Livonia, MI, doesn’t mind the stress or long hours. He gives patients his cell phone number and always answers when they call.

Pumptown serves up musical smorgasbord

DMU student Amy Hynek and her family’s rollicking band, Pumptown, may not be the only group to perform with a wide variety of musical instruments. But it may be the only one to incorporate a conch shell, a Maori war chant and topics like bacon – and make it all musically irresistible.

Beloved staffer inspires scholarship

In 1987, Kathleen Satterfield arrived in Des Moines ready to dive into her studies in the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery but utterly not ready for Iowa’s winters. Luckily for her, Rebecca Stills, a secretary in the college, came to her rescue with a pair of gloves, a scarf and hat.

How to look on the bright side of life

As for most people, life is not all good times and gumdrops for Annette Benjamin, a certified billing coding specialist in the DMU Clinic. She’s experienced divorce and has raised her teenage daughter, Gretchen, without her ex-husband’s support or involvement. But at DMU, Benjamin is known as one of the most infectiously sunny and friendly people on campus.

Friday recipe: tuna casserole

I’m not big on gloppy casseroles, but tuna casserole is one of those comfort foods I can’t resist. This recipe …

How to put out a fire

Rule number one: Avoid starting one.Tom Wicks, D.P.M.’94, a podiatric physician in Chickasha, OK, is a volunteer firefighter and chief medical officer for the third-largest fire department and the largest volunteer department in the state.

How to do just about anything

Sharing and enhancing knowledge are what members of the DMU community are all about, and not only in medicine and health care. In fact, DMU alumni, students, faculty and staff know how to do all kinds of useful and interesting things that can help you lead a happier, longer life and amaze others. Whether you want to stay safe, lose belly flab, impress your colleagues, feed a big crowd at a party or be the life of it, you’ll find all the how-tos you need on the following pages.

Craft Saturday!

This Saturday, April 17,  noon – 6 p.m., is Craft Saturday!! It’s a really cool indie art & craft fair. …

Be a physician assistant!

The physician assistant class of 2012 isn’t even on campus yet, but applications open today, April 14, for the class …

Annual DMU dinner in October will honor Gov. Robert Ray

The 2010 Des Moines University Glanton Scholarship Dinner October 14 at the Meadows at Prairie Meadows will honor Iowa’s former …