How to get kids moving

While most people think of a triathlon as an endurance sport for just the very fit, Hal Hatchett, D.P.M.’00, considers …

How to leave a legacy

For medical students, there is no better teacher than your body – including when you’re no longer in it. Donated bodies are indispensable for teaching anatomical concepts to aspiring care givers. Participants in DMU’s body donor program make this ultimate gift.

How to choose shoes

One of the worst things women do to their feet is wear high-heeled, high-fashion shoes, says Jill Frerichs, D.P.M.’01, assistant …

How to be a super SPAL patient

The patients assessed by clinical students in DMU’s Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory (SPAL) are all bona fide fakers. They aren’t hypochondriacs, however. As “standardized patients” (SPs) who play the roles of actual patients, they play a critical role in preparing DMU students to diagnose and interact with real patients.

How to take a lesson from a horse

Relationships with most creatures involve nonverbal elements. Those become particularly important when your pet weighs up to a half-ton or more, so pay attention – and learn.

How to make music – portably

Jose Figueroa, D.O.’95, is beyond busy with the courses he teaches, the patients he treats and his five children. But …

A spot of cuteness for your day!

As you might know, DMU is not far away from Drake University (& even have a joint dual degree program!) …

How to hurl yourself through space

When it comes to launching yourself on a skinny, bendable fiberglass pole, “it helps to be a little crazy,” says …

How to create an iPod app

FOR ANY HUMAN URGE OR NEED, it seems there’s now an app for one’s iPhone, iTouch or Blackberry to address …

How to paint a portrait

To capture someone’s face on canvas, trust your eyes. “Most of us look at things and see not what they …

How to make a great hummus

Marco Torres is DMU kitchen lead and master hummus maker in Summerfield’s Cafe on campus. Hummus was added to the café’s menu about two and a half years ago to provide another option for vegetarians. He says most DMU people like the hummus to be spicy, so he adds chipotle, Cajun or jalapeno seasonings.

How to swing your partner, allemande left

Let’s get one thing straight: DMU computer technician Barry Peck emphatically did not want to learn how to square dance. Even though he writes and records music and was in a gospel singing group for 13 years, for him doing the do-sa-do was a big no, no, no.