How to make a great hummus

Marco Torres is DMU kitchen lead and master hummus maker in Summerfield’s Cafe on campus. Hummus was added to the café’s menu about two and a half years ago to provide another option for vegetarians. He says most DMU people like the hummus to be spicy, so he adds chipotle, Cajun or jalapeno seasonings.

How to swing your partner, allemande left

Let’s get one thing straight: DMU computer technician Barry Peck emphatically did not want to learn how to square dance. Even though he writes and records music and was in a gospel singing group for 13 years, for him doing the do-sa-do was a big no, no, no.

How to run a truly great university: with trust, plus

There are many talented people who work or study at Des Moines University. In this issue of DMU Magazine, you …

The Bodies exhibit!

The human body is a beautiful, amazing thing! I’m always interested to learn more about how it works and what …

DMU honored by Iowa Psychological Association

Des Moines University (DMU) was recently chosen as the 2010 Iowa Psychologically Healthy Workplace by the Iowa Psychological Association (IPA). …

Doing a world of good during Haiti’s crisis

On Jan. 12, a 7.0 earthquake devastated the tiny island country of Haiti, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. DMU alumni and students were among those who responded to the dire need for assistance. Here, we share some of their stories.

DMU delivers compassion, care and babies in Mali

The DMU students, alumni and faculty who recently traveled to Mali, West Africa, on a medical service trip with the nonprofit organization Medicine for Mali, faced challenging conditions and hot weather.

What are you saying about yourself?

Whether you own your practice or work for a mega-organization, it’s always good to give your public communications a checkup. Even if you’re not in direct control of the marketing message, you can still evaluate your message to better understand your clients’ or patients’ perspectives of you.

Physical therapy rotation offers interdisciplinary insights

Podiatric medicine student Sara Revell is gaining insights on physical therapy that will benefit her career and her future patients.

Got a back-burner project? He’s got a light

We all have them: those worthy projects on our to-do lists we can’t seem to get started, much less completed. Marilyn Alger, education coordinator for the Iowa Department of Public Health, and her colleagues found a way to finish one of theirs that’s now serving the entire department and their profession.

The tome to own on surgery for the diabetic foot

Thomas Zgonis, D.P.M.’99, FACFAS, sees a lot of diabetic patients in his part of the world, San Antonio, TX. The disease occurs more often among minority populations, and the city is more than half Mexican- American. In addition to giving him a special interest and expertise in diabetic foot problems, that fact motivated him to produce a 448- page textbook on the topic.

A textbook for tough work

“You will never find anyone more sincerely dedicated to those in need, whether in conflict or in a humanitarian effort, than those [military] medics.”