New award honors “Papa Joe” McNerney, excellence in internal medicine

Joseph “Papa Joe” McNerney, D.O.’37, was a pioneer in internal medicine and a practitioner, lecturer and teacher for more than 50 years. His deep commitment to patient care, osteopathic medicine and medical education inspired and enhanced decades’ worth of students, interns, residents and fellow physicians.

Let’s get oriented…

Welcome to campus! We promise you’ll figure out where everything is soon and be able to ditch the map & …

Anatomical Visualization Tools Inspire Clinical Understanding

Kenneth Hisley, Ph.D., a faculty member in DMU anatomy department, is manipulating a human torso to reveal the thoracic cavity …

Grasso takes high tech to extreme heights

On the topic of technology, Vincent Grasso says embrace the machine – it benefits patients, takes health care to underserved …

Grad guides electronic medical record use

Andrew Burchett, D.O.’03, admits with a laugh that when he agreed to become his health system’s medical information officer, he …

Victory and a look ahead

We’ve finally done it. We survived high school, we made it through college intact and endured one of the most …

Anatomy word of the month: buccinator

The “trumpeter” in Latin. Our cheek muscles, the buccinator, assist the tongue during chewing movements to hold food between our …

Lessons from my DMU family

A PA students shares her experiences as a first-year student and thanks the friends she made for her experiences.

Student celebrates reason to smile

A second-year podiatric medicine student undergoes heart surgery.

DMU goes mobile

The roll-out of the DMU Mobile Health Clinic in May was a true team effort.

Oh the humanity!

The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) honors select medical students, residents, physician teachers and others for “demonstrated excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service” – in a word, humanism.

Tech Connections

Put aside, for a moment, the pain of the push to implement electronic health records: New technologies in health care and health care education will ultimately lead to better patient care and outcomes.