PT alumnus receives state sports medicine award

After 15 years of mending athletes and reviving their spirits, Rob Drew got his time in the spotlight for doing what he finds “very rewarding.”

Tango: more than just a dance for Parkinson’s patients

Alumna Marnie Coutts wants more than two to tango: She says the Argentinian version of the dance can benefit people with this debilitating disease.

Surgery by cell phone light still inspires

DMU alumnus Karl Disque shares his experiences treating patients in Ethiopia with tireless colleagues, a lot of creativity and never a dull moment.

Serving patients with great need and even greater gratitude

Joel Post says a service trip he took as a DMU student to Mali, Africa, changed his outlook on medicine. Now a graduate, he recently rekindled the experience with a DMU group in Honduras.

Around the world in two minutes

Crushing polar ice, swimming at the North Pole and “polar bear baiting”: An alumnus and pilot takes us to the top of the globe.

Doctor on the downhill

A decade ago, Phillip Arnold, D.O.’01, served on the base camp team that helped the first and only blind man to reach the top of Mount Everest. He’s had a wild ride ever since, taking care of mountain trekkers and members of the U.S. Ski Team as well as his patients at home in Wisconsin.

A changed perspective on global health

Dan Kraeger, D.O.’87, speaks with passion about global health service. But when he was invited to go on his first service trip in 2005, to Bolivia, South America, he didn’t want to go. “How much can I do in a week? How much can I really change?” he asked himself.

Too poor to boil water

Delivering health care in a third-world country can test any provider’s mettle. Heather Fowler has shown hers is made of steel.

She’s a champion lightweight – really!

This DMU grad gives new meaning to the phrase, “abs (and everything else) of steel.”

Living life to an exhilarating extreme

Orthopedic surgeon, Ironman, endurance athlete, triathlete, team doctor, sports medicine symposium leader and father, Gerardo Goldberger says, “Multi-tasking is second nature.”

Pumptown serves up musical smorgasbord

DMU student Amy Hynek and her family’s rollicking band, Pumptown, may not be the only group to perform with a wide variety of musical instruments. But it may be the only one to incorporate a conch shell, a Maori war chant and topics like bacon – and make it all musically irresistible.

Doctor feels the need for speed

Physicians typically dash from one patient or procedure to another through long exausting days. Jeannie Pflum, D.O.'97, an obstetrics and gynecology doctor in Santa Rosa, CA, is no exception.