From a student’s perspective: Outing anti-gay biases in health care

“LGBT individuals are individuals,” states Will Narracci, D.O.’14, M.P.H.’14. “They are people with whom we interact on a daily basis, people we already know, like and respect, who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.”

Medicine or magic?

DMU Library’s Kendall Reed Rare Book Room maintains marvelous collections of some medically relevant botanicals, from sweet-scented water lilies to the narrow spathed skunk-cabbage, at times in history valued for their power to heal wounds, cure disease, increase the appetite and induce vomiting.

Des Moines University’s Homeless Camp Outreach featured in Des Moines Register

Twice a month DMU students and a supervising physician visit local shelters as part of its Homeless Camp Outreach program. …

2012 CPMS Recognition and Rite of Passage Ceremony

The annual CPMS Recognition and Rite of Passage Ceremony was held on Saturday, April 21, in the Student Education Center …

Dramatic diversion gives new outlook

Nathania Hammel, D.O.’06, was living the dream as a wife, mother and family physician in a wonderful practice. Then a devastating diagnosis changed all that, along with her perspectives on life.

Physician supply in the United States

For a nation that lavishes spending on health care, you'd think the U.S. would be awash with physicians who see their patients on a frequent basis. Not so.

James W. Hogin, D.O.’74

Hogin practices full-time office OMM and internal medicine after 31 years of hospital gastroenterology and internal medicine. He successfully battled …

President Franklin featured in dsm’s Faces of Education

President Angela Walker Franklin was featured recently in dsm Magazine‘s Faces of Education, a special publication highlighting leaders of 12 local educational institutions. Learn a little more about what attracted her to DMU and what she thinks makes us distinct.

Dr. Yogesh Shah and Kent Sovern on Des Moines as Age Friendly City

Overview of the new World Health Organization’s new Age Friendly Community initiative for Central Iowa with Age Friendly board members Dr. Yogesh …

I’m proud of DMU and so is my computer

As a DMU employee I’m proud of where I work and am not ashamed to show it. I already have …

Raising the next crop of rural care providers

Roy Fell, D.O.’54, devoted his career to making house calls, managing his bustling clinic and being on hospital call up to four nights a week, all while working to recruit more physicians to his rural Iowa community. How will we fill the professional shoes of such dedicated practitioners?