Garrett Reed Wheeler Award in Pediatrics

The death of a child is a devastating loss, difficult to comprehend. So it was when Garrett Reed Wheeler, the …

Great escapes

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PT alumnus receives state sports medicine award

After 15 years of mending athletes and reviving their spirits, Rob Drew got his time in the spotlight for doing what he finds “very rewarding.”

Life is complicated; birth control doesn’t have to be

Almost half of all pregnancies in Iowa and across the U.S. are unintended, one of the highest levels in the developed world. An Iowa initiative is working to counter that, giving women and men resources to avoid the stork.

Disciplined lifestyle offers an energized escape

“I’m 43. Herein lies the challenge: There is no master’s level in the professional shows, so I’ll have to compete against 20- and 30-year-olds. But I do it to inspire and encourage women of all ages.”

Really getting away from it all

“I started pretty young competing with a bullwhip... In one competition, we had to hit a bandana out of a cardboard-cutout man’s back pocket and a cigar out of his mouth. I won that competition.”

“Let go and let God”

“As a practicing surgeon, I thought I was God, and everyone affirms it. I found out that I’m a normal human – one day I was a physician, the next day I might not have a job. That was good life training.”

Getting away in the great outdoors

"Visiting the national parks is a great adventure, experiencing the new terrain, wildlife and gaining knowledge about the history of the parks and the people who made them happen."

Sensible steps toward a better health care system

Amid uncertainty about changes rendered by the Affordable Care Act, it could shift our nation’s focus from a disease-centered health care system to one with greater emphasis on preventive care – an approach in alignment with osteopathic medicine.

Cahalan Endowed Scholarship

Strong work ethic, determination and perseverance: Jodi (Ostendorf) Cahalan, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S., PA-C, a DMU alumna and dean of its …

Hot off the digital press

What do worms, Honduras, and skunk-cabbage have in common? They can all be found in this quarter’s issue of DMU …

Waging peace through military medicine

Most people understand the wartime mission of the U.S. military, but there are many aspects of the nation’s military force that wage peace, save lives, develop friendships and solve health problems in areas of severe need. The results are nothing short of magical.