Des Moines is cool – everyone says so

The “Today” show didn’t tell us anything we proud Des Moines residents know, but we’re delighted to brag about it: The NBC program recently profiled Iowa’s capital city as a place “where regular folk can live the rich life.”

DSM_river_viewHere’s why, according to “Today”: The city’s cost of living is almost 10 percent below the average for the country, so money “goes a lot further” here. Des Moines also was recently named by Forbes Magazine as the best city for business and careers, and by Kiplinger as the best city for families. And while agriculture contributes significantly to the local economy, so do strong financial services, publishing, insurance companies and a burgeoning tech industry.

Based on those factors, “Today” designated Des Moines “America’s wealthiest city.” Talk to most DMU students, and they’ll agree that the city is affordable and family- and user-friendly.

Greater Des Moines also was featured in a Washington Post article titled “Why Iowa rules – in 12 steps.” We love how reporter Chris Cillizza acknowledged that Des Moines is “an entirely underrated city (and state)” for 12 reasons, including our “amazing” Iowa State Fair, the Des Moines Register’s annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) and Iowa’s status as the nation’s number-one state in terms of economic mobility.

More kudos and good news for our community:

  • Consumer finance website NerdWallet has ranked Des Moines as the best midsized metro area for homeownership, based on homeownership rates, affordability and population growth.
  • Insurer Athene USA recently announced it’s moving 220 jobs from Topeka, KS, to West Des Moines, adding to the company’s already significant contributions to the regional economy.

Want to learn more about Des Moines? The Greater Des Moines Partnership is one great source for information, including the organization’s 2013 annual report video. Better yet, come visit us. Even during this cold season, Des Moines will give you a warm, friendly welcome.

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